Mini Milan Gold Piercing



  • Material: made of 925 sterling silver with 18 k gold bath.
  • Size: 2mm
  • Stone: white zirconia 


The Mini Milan model stands out for its elegance, its style and its discreet charm. Painstakingly worked. In which the closure in the shape of a screwed ball should be highlighted. 

It is perfect for both main holes and a piercing hole. It doesn't hurt to sleep with it. 

Mix several zirconia earrings of different sizes and you will have an ideal mix. Sure hit!  

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Sterling silver 925

Customer Reviews

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Sarah R
Love it!

I ordered some "Mini earrings" and i love that theres the option to get singular ones, so i was able to order many individual ones. The quality is so nice and therefor the pricing is totally okay. I also love the fact that all the earrings came/come in one package, therefore packaging material can be safed which is good for the environment. The shipping to Europe was really fast and didn't cause any problems.
I totally love their jewelry and i will order again for sure.

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