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Lasli Gold ring
Lasli Gold ring

Lasli Gold ring

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  • Ring available in gold-plated 925 silver
  • Stone: zirconia
  • Ring measurement:

10 SIZE: 15,9mm

12 SIZE: 16,5mm

14 SIZE: 17,2mm

16 SIZE: 17,8mm

SIZE 18: 18,5 mm


  1. To know the size of your ring you only need to have on hand a ring that suits you and a ruler or measuring tape.
  2. Put your ring on a flat surface and measure the inside diameter. You must obtain a measurement in millimeters.
  3. Compare the measurement of the inner diameter of your ring with the equivalence table that we show you above. As an example, if the diameter of the ring you have at home is 16mm, your size equivalent will be 10.