Candyfloss was born from the hand of its founder Almudena Sánchez. A 34-year-old Cordovan girl, who felt the need to change her world. His dreamy and restless spirit made him launch his first Ecommerce in 2015. A brand created by and for women. That's what she wanted ... to be surrounded by women and create simple and easy-to-wear pieces for them. Her dream is to be able to reach each one of you with her jewels, embellishing and enhancing even more the beauty and power that we all carry within. 

We fight tirelessly every day for our dream. A long road, full of effort and sacrifice, where our greatest motivation has always been you. Doubts, uncertainty, fear ... all that and more we feel at the beginning, but each battle won, each satisfaction achieved ... motivates us to stay close to you and to move forward with our adventure.





From the beginning we were clear that our greatest commitment is to guarantee your satisfaction and thereby make you feel special when wearing our jewelry. Your needs are our priority. 






Our brand is thought and created for women, dreamy, free, brave and powerful women. 

You are our greatest source of inspiration. Your unconditional support during all these years is our greatest engine to move forward with our project. 




Create from the heart. Fight tirelessly and never stop dreaming.

Each new collection becomes a great illusion that makes us vibrate as if it were the first.




"A jewel has the power to be that little thing that can make you feel unique" -Jennie Know-