It is very important for us that you know how to care for your jewelry and that it is always in perfect condition.
We know how important gems are for you. For that reason, today we want to give you a small practical guide with the best tips so that all of you jewelry always be like the first day.
  • Try to remove your jewelry before showering, bathe in the sea or the pool and before using cleaning products.
Soap and other chemicals can be abrasive and have a discoloring effect on gold. This does not mean that you can never shower with them, on the contrary. What you should keep in mind is that the more you take care of them, the longer they will be perfect.

  • Treat your gold jewelry with care,
Despite being a resistant material, it can be easily deformed, so always try to take maximum care of them.

  • Clean your jewelry when you notice them darkened.
The longer you take to clean them, the more they will deteriorate. Try to keep the jewels in a dry place without humidity.

  • Avoid playing sports with them. Nothing will happen if you do it, but the ph of each person's skin is different and there are times when your own sweat can alter the surface of the piece and cause damage to your jewelry.
To clean your jewelry use a cotton cloth and rub the piece gently. You can repeat this process whenever you want and your jewelry will remain bright and in perfect condition.
Do not use abrasive products, in this case you could use sporadically some neutral soap that does not alter the metal.
It is very important to organize our jeweler, so that our jewelry is neat and in perfect condition. It is very exasperating when we have to untangle the necklaces or pendants and sometimes it becomes an impossible mission. 
We are going to give you some tips to organize and store your jewelry.
  1. Close the chains: Close the chains of necklaces or pendants as well as bracelets so we will avoid getting entangled among them.
  2. The rings always separated: this way you will avoid unnecessary chafing and that this will lead to its deterioration.
  3. Do not remove the nut from the earrings: always keep your earrings with its corresponding nut.
  4. Gold separated from the rest: Despite the purity and strength of gold, it tends to darken easily so that even oxygen itself causes it to lose shine. Save your gems in bags of fabric or organza, even wrapped in a cloth or in its original box.
  5. Dry place: Very important to keep your jewelry in a dry place where there is no moisture. You should always avoid leaving your gems in the bathroom or in damp places. 


candyfloss does not guarantee that the gold plating of our items will last forever. Gold-plated pieces are more delicate and susceptible to discoloration over time. The process of losing the bathroom depends on several factors, such as: Use of chemical products, level of body sweating, PH of each person's skin or the inappropriate use of jewelry.

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Did you find it interesting? We are sure that after reading these tips it will be easier to keep your jewelry as new for many more years. Enjoy your little treasures!